domenica 29 giugno 2008

Chart Junio 2008

1. Bee’s on Mars. TM Juke. Tru Thoughts/ Ubiquity Records.
2. The hoop loop (Solo Moderna remix). Me & You. Tru Thoughts.
3. Surrender (Migs’s naked seduction dub). Petalpusher. Naked Music Recordings.
4. Kelly watch the stars (Live BBC 1998 ). Air. EMI.
5. Off the ramp. Humble Munk. Tru Thoughts.
6. Electrotumbao. The Pinker Tones. Pinkerland Records/ Outstanding Records.
7. Don’t joke with a hungry man (Live in Paris). The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Tru Thoughts.
8. Pais del ritmo feat. Fundación Tony Manero. Guateque All Stars. Zona Bruta.
9. Making it happen. Marta Sánchez. Errabal.
10. Qui diu què? Soul Atac. Autoproducido/ Temps Record.

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