venerdì 2 maggio 2008

Chart Abril 2008

1. There’s a lull in my life. Steve Evans. Schema Records/ ESC Records.
2. Te tengo. Sr. Zambrana. Nines & Helen.
3. A boot doesn’t ask, just trample. Lêndi Vexer.
4. Doo wop girl. Family Vision Care. Unique Records.
5. Intervention of one. STP feat. Kevin Yost. i! Records.
6. How the West was won. Bill Evans. Intuition Music.
7. For a few pussies more. The Cabrians. Redstar 73/ Liquidator Music.
8. Funk in the hole. Roy Ayers. Rapster Records/ BBE Music.
9. Ode to the big sea. The Cinematic Orchestra. Ninja Tune.
10. Who’s gonna save my soul. Gnarls Barkley. Downton Music/ Atlantic.

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